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Pterosaur Membranes

  A further note on the membranes in pterosaur wings
that I overlooked and only recently recollected
(reading Martill and Unwin, 1989), was that the
brachiopatagium can also extend to the fifth digit of
the foot, and this is a long, slender strut that is
possibly extensible/retractible, and thus poses a
functional consideration. The aforemention [last post]
"tarsopatagium" (to the ankle) and cruropatagium (to
the shin) would have nearly identical functional
purpose as area or shape is not noticeably affected
during flight, etc. However, the extension of the
"tarsopatagium" to the digit (I suppose
"digitopatagium" is applicable?) would affect the
surface area during flight as the vane could be pulled
dorsal or ventral to the leg, but whether this affects
flight performance has not, I believe, been explored.
So, I shall ask a question, and would enjoy some feed
back on a non-theropod--related post (for once!): what
functional difference would a so-called
"digitopatagium" have over a more conservative
"tarsopatagium" or cruropatagium?

  Of course, HPs Dave Unwin and Jim Cunningham are
personally invited to comment :).

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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