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Dinosaur extinction theories [was Re: Little extinction idea that I whipped up....]

Caleb et al,

Anyone wishing the full introduction on two dozen or so theories from my
college anthropology textbook can e-mail me privately -
< fortean1@frontiernet.net >.

"Authors, with varying competence, have suggested that the dinosaurs
disappeared because the climate deteriorated (became suddenly or slowly
too hot or cold or dry or wet), or that the diet did (with too much food
or not enough of such substances as fern oil; from poisons in water or
plants or ingested minerals; the bankruptcy of calcium or other necessary
elements).  Other writers have put the blame on disease, parasites, wars,
anatomical or metabolic disorders [...]"


Caleb wrote:
> Gang,
>     Here's a little extinction hypothesis that I whipped up one day after
> having seen some of WWD. Maybe the metor thingy (which the media, for some
> reason, portrays as the "actual, proven" way that the dinos died, it's kind of
> irritating.) didn't whip them out. Isn't there evidence that the dinosaurs
> were already dying out when it hit anyway? Maybe, they killed themselves.
> Maybe, the whole predator/prey, survival of the fittest thingy got too tough.
> They adapted too well, and evolved to be too tough. In doing so, they whipped
> themselves out.... Just a thought.
>                                          Caleb Lewis
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