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  Aside from *Chaoyangsaurus*, there are probably five
other taxa that could qualify as marginocephalian,
along with ambiguous *Stenopelyx*.

  Heterodontosaurids, while sharing several ornithopod
features, do have something marginocephs have that
other ornithischians lack: enlarged lower and upper
canines, and jugals with pronounced lateral
projections, either as bowing, or as a process (all
but *Chaoyangsaurus* have the process or epijugal
ossification), and avery prominent, relatively strait
femur, ischium not noticeable curved and without a
large obturator process, large manus compared to the
arm and pretty much the rest of the body, and a square
coracoid, as in pisttacosaurs and leptoceratopids.
These include *Abrictosaurus*, *Heterodontosaurus*,
*Lycorhinus*, and possibly also *Dianchungosaurus* and
*Geranosaurus*, which are all Early Jurassic. I
believe the ornithopod characters are as numerous, or
more, so....

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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