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Hey all,
I was at the zoo today (Lincoln Park Zoo in the beautiful city of Chicago,
to be exact) and I was looking in the bird house and I saw some birds in
repose or standing on one leg with the other tucked up underneath.  So I
thought to myself, is it possible that dinosaurs, and here I'm talking
about therepods specifically, could have done the same thing?  Atleast the
smaller ones, it's hard to picture an animal as large as a tyrannosaur
being able to put itself in that position.  These are the things that occur
to me on 3 hours of sleep, hmmm....   Any thoughts or comments?


Chris Noto
University of Chicago
(773) 947-0734

"The antidote to dogmatism is a willingness to abandon theory, not an
assertion of the primacy of unbiased observation."

Stephen J. Gould