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> From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of
> Dane Carlson
> I have the DVD of WWD on order. It contains an additional 25 minutes of
> footage, I presume additional to the US version. Turns out this is the
> Kenneth Brannagh (UK) version. Was the UK version 25 minutes
> longer than the
> US version? That would add an entire episode to the show. Since I have the
> US on tape I will compare. Whatever it is, it will be highest quality
> digital video with no Discovery Channel logos on the screen and completely
> lacking the WWW.DISCOVERY.COM refs as well (I think? I hope!...You never
> know...)
The DVD IS the UK version.  The 25 minutes are not a whole new episode, but
stuff deleted from the versio aired in the U.S.

So, what was deleted?:
"Oogie" stuff:
        The cynodonts eating their young (funny how they always kept the scenes
with the reptiles eating their young, huh? :-)
        The tail of the would-be mother Opthalmosaurus sinking into the depths
after the Liopleurodon ripped it in half (in the U.S. version, the re-edited
that whole sequence so that it appears out of synch)
        The parasites in the fur of the Ornithocheirus
        The broken horn of a Torosaurs, shattered while locking horns with 
dripping blood

A few animals were chopped out entirely:
        _Quetzalcoatlus_ (one scene of it, picking up a fish, does show up in 
Making of WWD" special during the tail end of the show)
        Close ups of _Anurognathus_ during the Morrison episode
        Live ammonoids (although their shells show up a couple of times in the 
        A weta (cricket relative) and a tuatara in the Antarctica episode (which
was shifted into Australia for the U.S.)

Various scenes throughout (the Aussie carnosaurs feeding at a corpse, more
scenes with _Muttaburrasaurus_, more scenes with _Didelphodon_ in the
Lancian episode, _Dinilysia_'s (played by a boa constrictor) infrared
vision, etc.).

The transformation of the American West into the Serengeti (which was the
original closing sequence, which at least had the advantage of allowing the
narrator to talk about the survival of dinosaurs in the form of birds).

Scenes were cut to make time for commercials, and to allow the insertion of
"talking head" scenes towards the goal of emphasizing the fact that much of
the information shown is speculation (although you can judge how successful
that was for yourself).

Incidentally, I suspect that if Discovery releases a video of its own
version (or of "Raising the Mammoth"), the distracting "click on
www.discovery.com" bits will not be included.