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Dinosaur heart found?

AOL in Germany has a short news item about the supposed finding of a 
fossilized dinosaur heart. At http://www.cnn.com/NATURE/ I found nothing 
about it, so this is the translated report. I had to translate it from german 
and I´m not sure what it's worth.

Does anybody know´s more about this? Fools day is over so I guess there must 
be at least a little truth in this report.

First fossilized dino heart found

This heart did beat 66 million years ago - Proof for origin of todays birds

This dino had a heart made from stone: US archeologists recovered for the 
first time the petrified remains of a dinosaur heart, which 66 million years 
ago did beat in the breast of a small Thescelo-Saurus. In 1993 the researcher 
Michael Hammer did happened to find the rust-coloured remains in the breast 
of this plant eating dinosaur at excavations near Buffalo (South Dakota). But 
only now physicians were able to identify definitely this organ. With the 
help of computer tomography cardiologists were able to find out that the 
heart of this small dino must have beaten frantically. It was likely warm 
blooded. This find confirms the notion that dinosaur are the ancestors of 
todays birds - and not cold blooded reptiles.

Cheers from Germany

Heinz Peter Bredow