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RE: Dinosaur heart found?

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> Jeff Hecht
> The Science embargo expired 2 p.m. today (Thursday); it's in the 21
> April issue.

If you have access to the online version of Science (via a university or
research library, for example), the paper in question is at this site:

and the abstract (which I think everyone has access to?) is at

and the news report at:

I do concur with the point already made by several people: although the
heart (if that's what this concretion is) morphology is CONSISTENT with a
high level of activity, this does not necessarily imply full avian-style

What I would now like to see is a preserved heart of sphenosuchians and
other non-crocodilian members of the Pseudosuchia, to find out if the unique
modern croc condition represents a basal archosaur form, or (as I suspect,
for scenario-based rather than hard evidence-based reasons) is a derived
feature within the croc lineage alone.


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