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Lotosaurus Re: MARGINOCEPHALIANS and Triassic times

Lotosaurus if I remember correctly is a sail backed form. The edentus skull is truely the only point of comparison between the organisms. Unless I am grossly mistaken we have no reason to believe that the Chatterjea material was fitted with a skull of Shuvosaurus? If yes then the chances that Shuvosaurus is a Rauisuchian are very high. However, that is was the nearest sister taxon of Lotosaurus is unlikely. Can any one tell me if there are cranial synapomorphies shared by Shuvosaurus and Rauisuchians. The endetulous beak of Shuvosaurus however suggests that there was an atavisitic developmental pathway in the archosaurs that would be revisited many more times in the future.

Just a thought the wide dorsum of the Aetosaur skulls could well occupy a dome similar to pachycephalosaur. Are cranial materials known for Typothorax?
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