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> Was the UK version 25 minutes longer than the US version?

Yes; each episode on DVD ran exactly 29 minutes. If Discovery ran true
to Canadian broadcast "standards" (i.e. I have no idea if this is simply
customary or the maximum they can get away with under CRTC rules), each
episode broadcast here would run about 21 minutes.

> Whatever it is, it will be highest quality digital video with no
> Discovery Channel logos on the screen and completely lacking the 
> WWW.DISCOVERY.COM refs as well (I think? I hope!

No logos; no www.discovery.refs; no distractions; no bits snipped out
(at least as far as I can tell not having seen the original BBC
broadcast itself). Oh, and the narration is very different in a lot of
places (and I'm not talking about the difference in narrators). It
seemed to me that the phrasing of what was broadcast on Discovery was
"dumbed down". This is just my completely biased opinion based on the
comparison of a few sections of dialogue, and if anyone disagrees,
that's fine; it's just my opinion, and I'm not trying to force it down
anyone's throat as gospel so please keep your flameguns holstered.