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Re: Dale Russel interview on NPR today (Friday)

Apologies in advance for list duplication...

Dr. Russell was also interviewed on this mornings Today show.

They showed a nice 3d image of the "heart" and discussed what endothermy in
this animal could have meant to its lifestyle.  His key moment was bringing
up the single aorta that he claims is visible on the imaging.  Hunky Matt
Lauer did a great job in bringing up specific paleontological terms for all
those people running late for work.  (guilty as charged)

He then said  "Now from dinosaur fact to dinosaur fiction"  and began
interviewing Mike Milne, director/animator for WWD.  They discussed the
controversy regarding the behaviors of the "in motion" animals.  Milne
reminded Lauer that the job of an animator is to take the two least known
areas regarding prehistoric life, color and motion, and render them
believable to the demanding yet knowledgeable public.   Milne hopes that
educators use WWD to bring out the current theories surrounding these
animals and that it leads to further discussions.....(I'll have to think on

I hadn't even had my morning coffee.........

: ) Jenny

Jenny Herdman
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