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Re: MARGINOCEPHALIANS and Triassic times

His latest paper is a complete monograph in
Palaeontographica Abt.A 254 Oct.1999.
Protoavis is not affiliated with crocodilians.
The features that are not avian are
definately theropodan in nature and not
crocodilian, if nothing else.  More material
has been found more recently that is undescribed,
with potentially more on the way.  So, this may be
cleared up one way or the other relatively soon.
That is all I can say.

> At 12:41 PM 4/20/00 -0500, spockjr wrote:
> >By the same reasoning, Protoavis has features that
> >are present only in birds (and there is a fair amount of it)
> At least from the one paper by Chatterjee I have read on it, this is not
> quite true.  What was repeatedly said was that some feature was found only
> in birds *and* *crocodilians*.  From this I concluded it was more likely
> be a pre-crocodilian than an early avian.
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