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Pachyrhinosaurus in print

 I'm doing a compilation list of where the ceratopsian Pachyrhinosaurus appears in print, in this case, especially reconstructions of the skull and/or the fleshed out Pipestone Creek animal (the pachyrhinosaur with the upwardly-directed spike(s) on the midline parietal bar). Here's the list I have so far, am I missing any?:
 Barlowe, 1999. (1999 Calender).
 Currie and Koppelhus, 1996. 101 Questions about dinosaurs. (Book).
 Czerkas and Czerkas, 1990. Dinosaurs- A complete world history. (Book).
 Dodson (consultant), 1990. Encyclopedia of dinosaurs. (Book).
 Dodson, 1996. The Horned Dinosaurs (Book).  
 Dodson and Currie, Neoceratopsia, pp. 593-618. In: The Dinosauria. (paper).
 Glut 1972, 1982. The Dinosaur Dictionary. (Book).
 Glut 1982. The New Dinosaur Dictionary. (Book)
 Glut 1992. The Complete Dinosaur Dictionary. (Book).
 Glut (his most recent massive volume and 2000 supplementary volume).
 Holmes, 1994. DinoTimes, 4(3):3. (newspaper format).
 Lambert, 1990. The Dinosaur Data Book. (Book).
 Langston (his various scientific papers).
 Lessem and Glut 1993. The Dinosaur Encyclopedia. (Book).
 Olshevsky 1988. Archosaurian Articulations issue.
 Olshevsky 1997. Dinosaur Discoveries, 4:8-9.
 Reid, 1990. The Last Great Dinosaurs. (Book).
 Sattler, 1990. The New Illustrated Dinosaur Dictionary. (Book).
 Sternberg's paper.
 Tanaka, 1998. Graveyards of the Dinosaurs. (Book).
 Weishampel, 1992. Plant-Eating Dinosaurs. (Book).
 I would like to learn of any other reconstructions of this beast, even if it appeared in coloring books, newspaper articles, etc. I believe I have most or all of the Alberta newspaper stories accounted for, but sometimes these are syndicated and appear elswhere. The history of the Pachyrhinosaurus (1946-present) and the Pachyrhinosaurus-like animal at Pipestone Creek has become a little scattered and I am trying to tie all the loose ends together. The Pipestone Creek animal is also on at least two dinosaur clip art programs, but I don't know which ones. Newspaper articles on the Alaska Pachyrhinosaurus are also actively solicitated.
 As I doubt this request would suffice as a thread for discussion, please reply offline, or send photocopies with all particulars to the address below. 
 Many thanks,
Darren Tanke, Tech. I
Dinosaur Research Program
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
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Drumheller, AB, Canada T0J 0Y0
Senior Editor, Paleopathology and Recent
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