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Re: Brachiosaurus

> altithorax has certainly improved.  We now have the skull (so I am told),
> most of the neck (12 cervicals), 8 dorsals (don't know if any are
> duplicates), 5 caudals, ribs, scapula, corocoid, humerus, pelvis, and

What vertebrae are these?

As far as North American Brachiosaurus verts are concerned, I know of the type
material, the Dry Mesa material, and the supposedly very complete specimen
that Western Paleo is working on.  So far, only two of the Dry Mesa cervicals
have been prepared, a probable C5 (BYU 12866) and a probable C10 (BYU 12867),
although more are (probably) waiting in the wings.  From what I have heard,
the Western Paleo specimen includes a complete cervical series, but I haven't
seen the material myself (can you smell the envy?).

If anyone has any further info, it would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Wedel
Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
2401 Chautauqua Ave.
Norman, OK 73072