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Re: Brachiosaurus

Darryl Jones wrote:

<We now have the skull (so I am told),>

  Not to trod on Jon Wagner's feet, who I believ
reported earlier this year on the DMNH skull, but the
specimen (cat. number?) is certainly very similar to
the *B. brancai* (*Giraffatitan*) skulls from
Tendaguru, though there are some noticeable
differences in the snout and cranial roof that I could
notice that may indicate specific separation. Whether
or not the skull belongs to *B. altithorax* depends on
associated/articulated material comparable to the type
and differential from Branca's Titan Giraffe and the
European brachiosaurids. And I'll admit I'd not taken
too close of a look, engrossed as I am in necks and
jaws of totally different animals.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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