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N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

Greetings All , 
A couple of weeks ago our Museum of Natural Sciences had its' grand opening
. It was a continuous 24 hour long affair with events taking place inside
and outside of the Museum . Unfortunately there was so many people in line
to enter , that I couldn't get inside in the time I was there . I did get
to meet fellow-lister Jeff Bartlett , and had the opportunity to get a good
close look at the cast Acro skull that was outside of the museum.
I re-visited the museum today and was finally able to get a look at our
fantastic paleontology exhibits . The Acro exhibit is truly amazing ! On
one side of the room is the Acro , in a stalking pose and on the other side
is a full-sized, fleshed-out Pleurocoelus . Overhead  two life-sized
Anhanguera glided in endless circles . On the floor is a cast of the
footprints from the Paluxy River . 
It is a most impressive exhibit. In Addition to "The Terror of the South"
exhibit , there was a life-sized diorama with skeletons of Albertosaurus ,
Pachycephalosaurus and a cast of Mike Triebold's sub-adult Edmontosaurus . 
And then there was Willo , the much-talked-about Thescelosaurus with a
heart . The exhibit has the remains (cast) in situ, and from what I could
see , the preservation was excellent . As for the heart , well , there was
a rust-colored mass in the appropriate place. Other fossils exhibited were
an unlabeled ornithiscian (Camptosaurus ?) a huge ground-sloth , (the name
escapes me at the moment)various mastodon parts , ammonites and our old
skulls of T.rex(AMNH cast) and Triceratops . All in all , it's a very well
done set of exhibits.
If you're in the area , take the time to have a look !
Regards , 
Truett Garner

" A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits."