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Re: Brachiosaurus

At 08:51 PM 4/21/00 -0700, you wrote:
>my contract a year and a half from now, there will be well over a 
>    With that being said, As far as I know, unless there's a second western
>Paleo that I'm unaware of, we are not working on any Brachiosaur material.
>BYU has some material, but the only thing that Western is currently doing
>that is making the paleo community drool is the prepping and discribing of a
>75 percent complete Juvenile Ceratosaurus with a complete skull. Jim
>Madsen's outfit Dinolab, out of S.L.C.,  is doing some sort of full sized
>Supersaurus composite skeleton for the museum project, but that's just one
>more spoke on a gigantic wheel.
>    In case any one would like to know, the museums first opening is July
>first, this year, with the grand opening a year from then.
According to the new release of Marsh's Dinosaurs (what an incredible book,
I must say), Parker of WPL found a seven metre neck (vert's 2-12) in 1996.
The neck was near a Camptosaurus skeleton, a Diplodocus skeleton, and near
a pterosaur skull.  This piece was written by Clifford A. Miles and David
W. Hamblin.  Did the neck turn out to be something else?

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