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Longisquama (was Re: carcharodontine furculae)

Dinogeorge wrote:

Most paleontologists haven't examined the specimen, but this is beginning to
change as the birds-are-not-dinosaurs people (e.g., Ruben et al.) look for
putative non-dinosaurian bird ancestors. Talked with Geist at SVP last year
and he is amazed at how dinosaur-like Longisquama is turning out to be. Stay tuned.

There seems to be many wildly different views on the affinities of this animal. I believe Kurochkin (for one) is quite keen on the idea of avian affinities for _Longisquama_.

A very recent study of _Longisquama_ by Unwin, Alifanov and Benton (due to be published in _The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia_) determined that this genus could not be classified any further than Archosauria incertae sedis. _Longisquama_ is a diapsid with an antorbital fenestra and mandibular fenestra, but unfortunately the back half of the specimen is missing, so key features of the hindlimb (such as in the ankle) which might cement its position are missing.


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