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Re: [Brachiosaurus skull]

At 02:54 PM 4/22/00 -0400, you wrote:
>The paper is:
>Kenneth Carpenter and Virginia Tidwell. (1998). Preliminary description of a 
>_Brachiosaurus_ skull from Felch Quarry 1, Garden Park, Colorado. In: The 
>Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation: An Interdisciplinary Study. Kenneth 
>Carpenter, Danial Chure and James Kirkland eds. Modern Geology Vol. 23 No 
>1-4. pp. 69-84.
Another new paper to get.

>Worth checking out.  The "_Brachiosaurus_ sp." skull (USNM 5730) is the 
>largest sauropod skull so far to be found in the Morrison Formation.  As 
>Jaime says, it does show substantial differences to the skull of the 
>Tendaguru species, _B. brancai_.  In many ways, the _Brachiosaurus_ sp. 
>skull is intermediate between _Camarasaurus_ and _B. brancai_, especially 
>the snout (shorter maxilla with more teeth), skull roof, and perhap the 
>dentition (the only known tooth is more like _Camarasaurus_).

This was the skull that Marsh put on his restoration of Brontosaurus.  How
does it compare to YPM 1911?  They do not look like Camarasaurus (to
shallow, especially the dentary).  It seems to be from a very short snout
as well.  Comparing it to the Carnegie Museum's Camarasaurus lentus
juvenile shows that the elements are not just shallow because it was a
young individual, but that they are from a distinct animal. I do not have a
good picture of Camarasaurus grandis or C. supremus (is one known?) skulls
to compare it with, but it looks shallower in the snout than the C. grandis
skull at the WPL website.

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