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Re: buncha die-hards ain't ya? (Dino heart)

Caleb wrote:
> Gang,
>      The morphology indicates that it had a high level of activity and yet it
> isn't endothermic? Well, you can't exactly get a high level of activity from
> ectothermic (and I have debated this at length before, if you check the
> archives, and don't incredibly care to again). And I don't think this thing
> was big enough to register for homeothermy (correct me if I'm wrong, and what
> else could it be?). But, regardless, I have to say this:     I told ya so.

Surely crocs have four chambered hearts, yet they are ectothermic. Monitor
lizards can be highly energetic depending on the species - some have simple
bag-like lungs like most lizards, other species have highly convoluted lungs
more like that of an endothermic animal. Since both crocs and birds are related
to dinos, and both have different metabolic strategies, we can't assume that
dinos were all running around with mammal or bird-like metabolisms. I personally
suspect somewhere in between ecto- and endothermy (perhaps both at different
times of life).

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

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