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Re: MARGINOCEPHALIANS and Triassic times

On Sat, 22 Apr 2000, Mickey Mortimer wrote:

> Adam Yates wrote-
> > He goes further than that, apparently the holotype skull is juvenile. An
> > adult Shuvo premax was found in the same quarry that yeilded
> > Gojirasaurus. Ollie Rauhut suggests we might be looking at the head and
> > body of the same organism. I'd like to think so.
> Actually, Shuvosaurus cannot be synonymous with Gojirasaurus because a tooth
> was found with the holotype of Gojirasaurus, whereas Shuvosaurus was
> obviously toothless.

I would say that we simply don't know. Shed carnivorous teeth associated
with postcranial remains are virtually meaningless, we should remember
the historical lesson of of the Palaeopoda, the supposedly carnivorous


Adam Yates