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Dinothermy (buncha die-hards ain't ya? (Dino heart)]

According to the trusty dictionary:
Dino = "Terrible
Therm = "related to or caused by heat, Var of Thermo"
Therefore, Dinotherm = "Terrible heat" - I wish I'd told my teachers I had
that when I was in school, they would've sent me home immediately :)

Okay, besides the word having literal connotations more heretical than
calling them endotherms, there is another, very real problem to implementing
this:  What do we call the condition in Thecodonts, Rauisuchians, Pterosaurs
or any other number of family groups outside of the Dinosauria of which we
know nothing of the metabolism?  We could call it archosauritherm or
something similar, but that would discount non archosaurian reptilia,
amphibia and members of extinct fish who also have an untraceable
metabolism.  If we encompassed all extinct groups with a catchy latin name
for it we might as well just call it "unknown metabolism".  It's not to say
that the new find won't highlight some very interesting functional issues
that allow us to *Guess* the endothermic/ectothermic status of the creature,
but guesswork is all it will be.

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> Maybe we should just create a new form of internal temp. mechanism and
call it
> "Dinothermy", until we find the answer....
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