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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #137

A number of new genera and species have recently appeared in faunal lists in 
Chinese publications. As far as I know, these are all still nomina nuda with 
unpublished descriptions. It is likely that the taxa are described in 
dissertations, and of course there is always the possibility that the 
relevant papers are not widely distributed outside China. The following 
citations are incomplete and for now all that I have to work from:

Li Kui, Zhang Yuguang & Cai Kaiji, 1999. The Characteristics of the 
Composition of the Trace Elements in Jurassic Dinosaur Bones and Red Beds in 
Sichuan Basin, Geological Publishing House, Beijing: pp. not yet available 
[in Chinese with English summary]. ISBN 7-116-02875-7.

This booklet, which advances the thesis that some dinosaurs died because of 
chemical poisoning, based on the abundance of toxic trace elements in their 
fossils, includes the following taxa that are new to me, in the English 

Bashunosaurus kaijangensis Kuang, 1996 vide Li, Zhang & Cai, 1999 [nomen nudum
Chialingosaurus guangyuanensis Li, Zhang & Cai, 1999 [nomen nudum]
Yangchuanosaurus longqiaoensis Li, Zhang & Cai, 1999 [nomen nudum]
Zizhongosaurus huangshibanensis Li vide Li, Zhang & Cai, 1999 [nomen nudum]

Also included is the information that Gigantospinosaurus [sic] sichuanensis 
is based on a relatively complete stegosaur skeleton excavated by the Zigong 
Dinosaur Museum in 1985 and it is under study by Ouyang; and that Bashunosauru
s (noted above) is a camarsaurid sauropod. Information about other Chinese 
dinosaur taxa is provided in a historical synopsis, but all are already 
fairly well known outside China. Some names have misspellings new to me. 
Perhaps Gigantospinosaurus is described in the 1986 Ouyang dissertation that 
features Abrosaurus (see DGL corrections #121 and 122), but so far I have it 
only as a nomen nudum under the spelling Gigantspinosaurus.

Liu Junying & Pang Qiqing, 1999. "Charophyte flora from Late Cretaceous in 
Tianzhen, Shanxi Province and Yangyuan, Hebei Province," Professional Papers 
of Stratigraphy and Palaeontology 27: pp. not available [in Chinese with 
English summary]. ISBN 7-116-02834-X.

This paper, which does not otherwise deal with dinosaurs, notes in a faunal 
list the Campanian dinosaur Huabeisaurus allocata, genus and species new to 
me. Masahiro Tanimoto believes it is a nemegtosaurid sauropod.

The above material was kindly provided by Masahiro Tanimoto. From Australia, 
Ralph Molnar writes of another new taxon in a Portuguese publication, in a 
review of Asiatic sauropods by Dong Zhiming:

Mamenchisaurus yaochinensis He et al., 1996 vide Dong, 1999 [nomen nudum]

The paper is in the I Encontro Internacional Sobre Paleobiologia dos 
Dinossaurios Programa de Musealizacao para Pistas de Dinossaurios em Portugal,
 and the taxon is on p. 82. More information than this I do not yet have.

Accordingly, we add as genera #881 and 882:

Bashunosaurus Kuang, 1996 vide Li, Zhang & Cai, 1999 [nomen nudum]
Huabeisaurus Liu & Pang, 1999 [nomen nudum]

And we also add the various new species nomina nuda to the list of Asiatic 
dinosaur species.

If anybody has information on any of these taxa, particularly citations to 
proper descriptions of them (so that the [nomen nudum] designation may be 
lifted from them), please advise.