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Re: [Dinothermy (buncha die-hards ain't ya? (Dino heart)]]

Martin (and everyone else on the list so you all don't think I'm a _complete_
        It was a joke. I wasn't serious. 

"Martin Barnett" <martin.barnett3@virgin.net> wrote:
> According to the trusty dictionary:
> Dino = "Terrible
> Therm = "related to or caused by heat, Var of Thermo"
> Therefore, Dinotherm = "Terrible heat" - I wish I'd told my teachers I had
> that when I was in school, they would've sent me home immediately :)
> Okay, besides the word having literal connotations more heretical than
> calling them endotherms, there is another, very real problem to
> this:  What do we call the condition in Thecodonts, Rauisuchians,
> or any other number of family groups outside of the Dinosauria of which we
> know nothing of the metabolism?  We could call it archosauritherm or
> something similar, but that would discount non archosaurian reptilia,
> amphibia and members of extinct fish who also have an untraceable
> metabolism.  If we encompassed all extinct groups with a catchy latin name
> for it we might as well just call it "unknown metabolism".  It's not to say
> that the new find won't highlight some very interesting functional issues
> that allow us to *Guess* the endothermic/ectothermic status of the
> but guesswork is all it will be.
> Sam
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> > Maybe we should just create a new form of internal temp. mechanism and
> call it
> > "Dinothermy", until we find the answer....
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