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Re: Archaeoraptor horizon

I hope some folks are contemplating isotope stratigraphy for this unit,
and REE like Josh suggests.  Would be nice environmental data too, with
any luck.  -Jeff

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Josh Smith wrote:

> GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> > Is "Archaeoraptor" from the lower Yixian (=Chaomidianzi) Formation?
> >
> > Greg Paul
> I think it is supposed to be...however, how are we supposed to prove
> it??????
> maybe if we did some Rare-Earth elemental analyses using a Yixian
> Formation standard; other than that we do what we always do: speculate.
> Yixian.  The basis on which the Chaomidianzi Formation was designated
> has no validity according to the International Strat Code.  It is hard
> to argue a new formation out of the bottom of the Yixian when there is
> no lithologic change to support it.
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