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Ankylosaurian systematics

I have been recently reading a paper on the Lower to Middle Cretaceous Dinosaur Faunas of the Central Colorado Plateau by Kirkland et al. 1997. In the paper it says that the ankylosaurian Texasetes may be synonymous with Pawpawsaurus, with possible confirmation from a new specimen from the Mussentuchit Member, Cedar Mountain Formation (Aptian to middle Cenomanian) of Utah. Does anyone know if this has been confirmed? Or is this specimen now known as Animantarx ramaljonesi Carpenter, Kirkland, Burge & Bird 1999? If so how does this leave the Texasetes / Pawpawsaurus question?

Also the paper mentions an undescribed polacanthid ankylosaurian from Gaston Quarry of Utah, Yellow Cat Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation. I take it that this is Gastonia burgei Kirkland 1998? Also does the reference to the term "polacanthid" mean that there is a family "Polacanthidae" within the Ankylosauria, or is this meant to be "polacanthine"?

Joe Parish


Kirkland, J. I., Britt, B., Burge, D. L., Carpenter, K., Cifelli, R., DeCourten, F., Eaton, J., Hasiotis, S., & Lawton, T. 1997 Lower to Middle Cretaceous Dinosaur Faunas of the Central Colorado Plateau: A Key to Understanding 35 Million Years of Tectonics, Sedimentology, Evolution, and Biogeography, Brigham Young University Geology Studies, 42 (2):69-103.

(from http://www.dinosaurweb.com/papers/cretaceous/)