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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #138

The March 2000 issue (published April 17, 2000) of the Journal of Vertebrate 
Paleontology has arrived here, and with it a new dinosaur and a change to 
another dinosaur in the Dinosaur Genera List. There's no need for complete 
citations to the articles here, since this journal is widely distributed 
throughout the vertebrate paleontological community and practically everyone 
who needs to see it can find it easily. The new dinosaur is the Asiatic 

Byronosaurus Norell, Makovicky & Clark, 2000
    B. jaffei Norell, Makovicky & Clark, 2000?

and it becomes genus #883 in the List:

Byronosaurus Norell, Makovicky & Clark, 2000

The issue also contains a preliminary description of the giant American 
brachiosaurid Sauroposeidon, already listed in the Dinosaur Genera List from 
newspaper accounts. The DGL listing for this genus should be updated to

Sauroposeidon Wedel, Cifelli & Sanders, 2000

and the listing for this genus and species in the list of North American 
dinosaur species becomes

Sauroposeidon Wedel, Cifelli & Sanders, 2000
    S. proteles Wedel, Cifelli & Sanders, 2000?

These taxa are no longer nomina nuda. (I may also retain the original nomina 
nuda listings under this genus in the American dinosaur species list.)

The issue also contains an article on the systematics of the genus Thecodontos
aurus that will affect the listings for Thecodontosaurus, Palaeosauriscus, 
and Agrosaurus in the list of European dinosaur species, but I do not yet 
know exactly what needs to be changed.

If somebody who reads this note can provide complete authors/citation for the 
new species of Pinacosaurus, P. mephistocephalus, I would appreciate it. Then 
I can add it to the Asiatic dinosaur species list.

Finally, publication of the six tables of dinosaur species by continent as 
the third issue of Mesozoic Meanderings (not to be confused with the third 
edition of Mesozoic Meanderings #2, which is still a long way off) is 
imminent. When I finally put the issue to bed later this month, I'll make a 
general announcement of its availability. The first printing will be 115 
copies, of which the first 15 copies are reserved for Library of Congress, Zoo
logical Record, and reviewers, and #16-115 will be offered for sale. (Copy 
#16 is already paid for.) Supplementary material in MM #3 will include 
descriptions of the tyrannosaurian genera Jenghizkhan, Stygivenator, and Dinot
yrannus, originally prepared for Dino-Frontline #9 and 10 but omitted from 
those issues for space considerations.