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Re: papers

Caleb wrote:

<Where can I get the latest and greatest paleo
scientific "official" papers?>

  I suggest four options:

  1) ILL. Get the reference, and apply for it through
your local library. Some libraries (like mine) limit
the amount you can send at any one time, others don't.
Hopefully yours won't.

  2) Colleges. Go to your local university/college
library (many should allow non-students in and to use
the general facilities, you can call to make sure) and
look up the science journals or books they'll have
there for papers. Some may be techincal.

  3) Ask a friend. If you're confident about who
you're asking, you can get a viable source for some of
the more obscure papers. Several of the listmembers
will photocopy, for a price, or once in a rare while,
for free, or will require a trade setup -- usually if
you get some stuff _they_ need, they may bargain for

  4) Order from the journal. Recently was posted the
websites of several journals from which you can gain
order forms for publications, which you usually have
to pay in advance for ... but these are really
reliable, so I wouldn't worry about losing money on
this. AMNovitates, Paleontologicheskii Zhurnal,
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, etc.. Some
key papers in these journals, some trivial.

  This goes for all the listmembers worrying about
getting the actual papers and not relying on
_Discover_ or newspapers or _Science News_ to supply
them with their data. _Nature_ and _Science_ are some
of the most accessible journals out there, and even
their "News and Views_ section will contain original
material from knowledgeable persons (Holtz "news'ed"
on Sereno et al.'s *Suchomimus* paper, and offered
paleobiological info not presented by Sereno et al.).
Also, look at _Paleobiology_ and _American Naturalist_
for general and ecological papers, sometimes even
better than the taxa papers.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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