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Re: papers

I wrote:

<<... and look up the science journals or books
they'll have there for papers. Some may be

and Betty C wrote:
<as a quick sidenote-some may be in foreign languages
as well.>

  Too true. However, many major state universities and
specialty colleges will carry some multilingual
journals -- ACofI and BSU locally both have Spanish
and French journals, largely literature and art
carrying, but also a Portuguese journal, and I know
NNU has some Russian material. The major French
journals, like _Comptes Rendus_ and _Annales_, are
carried in major universities, I would think very
widely, or can be aquired through ILL, and do carry
some English papers [Russell, 1996, on the Tafilalt of
Morocco, for one]. _Pal. Zhurn._ publishes
simultaneously in English and Russian. _Ameghiniana_
is the largest Argentinian journal, and does offer
some English papers [on occasion [rarely] ), but
Spanish is earier to get through for non-speakers than
is French ... or Russian.
The Portuguese journal _GAIA_ and the new French
journal _Oryctos_ are both English and other language
publishing journals, and a good thing, too!

<Dinogeorge, for example, has been keeping track of
many of the papers that are in Chinese and Japanese.>

  A difficulty is in getting translations of some of
this material, and I cannot find Chinese translations
without a _lot_ of difficulty (If someone has the
translations of the *Yangchuanosaurus* and
*Gasosaurus*/*Kaijiangosaurus* and *Nanshiungosaurus*
material available, I would happily fork out the dead
presidents for 'em). Some listmembers, like Criesler,
have taken the time to learn a few languages other
than English, often by neccessity -- the FAQ has this
in it, so I shouldn't go into detail. In high school,
French and Spanish are widely available, and you can
always try out book tapes [here in the States, anyway].

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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