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EuroDinos Database Project

    Dear friends
    I'm looking for someone interested on dinosaurs (does not need to be professional on that), that could create, support, develop and maintain a WebSite and interested in create a EuroDino Database Project with European palaeontologists.
    The idea raised out during the First Symposium on European Dinosaurs in Dusseldorf (Germany).
    It consists on creating a database in the Net about every dinosaur and every museum in Europe. That way all professional and amateur palaeontologists can have a list searching dinosaurs by museum and museums by dinosaur (original or cast). That should be seen as a tool for palaeontologists that need to compare material (bones) for their work and need to know where there are such material.
    It would be updated directly in the Website.
    All participation are welcome including those who can provide data on European museums with dinosaur display.
    If someone knows of any already existing database, please tell.
    Waiting for your participation,
Octávio Mateus
GEAL- Museu da Lourinhã
Rua João Luis de Moura
2530-187 Lourinhã
Tel.: (00351)  261 413 995 (Museu)