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PALEONEWS: Large Stretch of Katsura Trees Discovered in Shaanxi

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Large Stretch of Katsura Trees Discovered in Shaanxi 

XI'AN (April 27) XINHUA - A total of 30 katsura trees, covering an area
of 3,000 square meters, have been found in the Qinling Mountains, Xinhua
has learned. 

The trees, with an average breast diameter of 73 cm, grow in a
state-level nature reserve in the Zhouzhi County, northwest China' s
Shaanxi Province. 

According to experts, the katsura trees are ancient plants which
survived the Tertiary period, and a kind of living fossil left over
since the glacier of the Quaterary period. They are of great
significance in the research on the origin of the flora of the Tertiary
period, and the origin and evolution of angiosperm. 

Previously, only a small number of katsura trees were found in western

China has put the rare species under state-level protection. 

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