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Horner on Daily Show With Jon Stewart

A few weeks ago Horner was quoted as saying this in an ABC News article:

This is a landmark discovery in the field. This means that dinosaurs were 
warm-blooded. Thats a fantastic. Its way cool.

He was speaking about the dino heart, of course.  And, speaking of this 
quote....did any of you happen to see the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy 
Central last night (Wednesday, at 10:30 Eastern I think).

After their lead story on the millionaire bride's decision to pose nude in 
Playboy Stewart gave some commentary on the dinosaur heart. He made a few 
cracks about it, and then a big picture of Horner was put up on the screen.  
Alongside the photo was a portion of the above quote, the "way cool" part.  
After that Stewart commented "After saying this Horner stuck his finger in the 
heart, pulled out a plumb,
and said what a good boy am I."

Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny.


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