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Re: Tarbosaurus prey

Mike Keesey wrote:
<The largest known ornithopod of all time lived
alongside _Tyrannosaurus (or Tarbosaurus or
Jenghizkhan or whatever) bataar_: _Shantungosaurus
giganteus_, a 12- 15 meter long hadrosaurine.>

  Whoa there, Hos! *Shantungosaurus* is Campanian,
from China, all right, but from the Wangshi of
Shandong, whereas *Tyrannosaurus bataar* is from
Mongolia and Chinese Subashi (Xinjiang) and
Heilongjiang. Also from Russia, apparently.
*Tarbosaurus efremovi* is also from Russia, Mongolia,
but I am not so sure about China.

  Meanwhile, the often associated *Saurolophus
angustirostris* is almost as big as *Shantungosaurus*
and serves much better as prey than an animal that is
at best contemporaneous.

  The possible "balloon-noses" of the saurolophines
are also probable a better visual image than the
blunt-jawed Shandong titan.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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