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T rex tracks showing it lying on the ground?

Came across this on the Paleo news page, a link entitled
"A milkshake leads to T-rex".

The original link (found through a qwik search) is at


In this article, dated March 7, 2000, it says some T rex tracks 
were found in 1994. These tracks show:

 "This was a real doozy," Caneer said. "The tracks indicate the T-rex
 was rising from the unheard of prone position."

 Caneer said the fossils he found near Cimarron, N.M., show the forearm
 impressions on the ground. Other tracks showed the dinosaur prone and
 then rising.

I find this really interesting. Assuming it really is a rex, the mention
of the forearms could help settle a question as to whether the little
arms were used in getting. (And if the belly left an impression, that
would be interesting too.)

Are there pictures of these tracks anywhere? It sounds a little too