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Re: T rex tracks showing it lying on the ground?

David Krentz wrote:

  "I believe there was a poster on this at SVP this year.  The author(s)
had some casts.  If I remember correctly, there was an imprint of the pubic

  Well, yes, there was a poster display and some casts(I missed the
presentation session, per se); but from what I saw and read, there was
nothing -- absolutely nothing -- to substantiate that the marks were what
the finder interprets them to be.  In fact, I am not sure there were any
genuine dinosaur impressions (or cast from such) shown, at all.  This is not
to imply that the presenter is knowingly misrepresenting things, but my
reaction appeared to be echoed by the other five persons who stood examining
the 'evidence' while I was there, and by others with whom I later spoke.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but my impression was that more zeal than knowledge,
experience, and objectivity had gone into the matter, as presented.  Of
course, I am not a professional paleo-ichnologist, but I do have a
substantial track record (pun intended) as an amateur paleo-ichnologist, and
would not comment upon this without reasonable confidence of making an a
fair evaluation.

    In short, I suggest taking the alleged T rex impressions with a hearty
grain of salt.  It would have been delightful, had they even looked half-way
credible.  To my perceptions, they absolutely did not look that way.

    Ray Stanford