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PALEONEWS:Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs and Skeletons Discovered in Northeast China

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what's a spondyle?

Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs and Skeletons Discovered in Northeast China 

CHANGCHUN (April 29) XINHUA - More than 70 fossilized dinosaur eggs and
skeletal remains of dinosaurs have been unearthed in northeast China's
Jilin Province. 

Zhang Pulin, a senior engineer with the Jilin Geological Research
Institute, made the discovery in the central part of the province. 

Most of the dinosaur eggs are already broken or incomplete, and the
bones unearthed including the animal's teeth, spondyle, ribs, and claws. 

Geologists both at home and abroad agree that systematic studies into
these fossils are needed and will provide important reference for
research on dinosaurs and the evolution of mammals during the Mesozoic

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