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WWD - layman's view

As sheer entertainment I enjoyed watching the U.S. WWD Discovery channel
version.  Dinosaurs with color pattern skin and vocalization added much to
the overall effect of sampling the dynamics of evolution.

Vocalization existed but the exact variation of tones, pitch, and cycles
can only be guessed at for most species.  The hollow horns and membranes
on the head are the only measurable evidence.  Heck, the debate on whether
or not Neanderthals could converse beyond a few grunts continues today.

Although the WWD web site gives names and images to some of the dinosaurs
on the show there were many not listed.  The legend bar on the tv screen
to visit the Discovery web site was distracting I would have liked to see
the dinosaurs, reptiles, mammals, and birds[?] displayed.

Here is my list of guessed spellings:

Placerias - Permian survivor, size of a cow with short tusks to dig roots

Cynodont - reptile with hair, burrows, young live on milk for three months
and hunts at night

Postosuchus - large crocodilian reptile that came before dinosaurs

Allosaurus - "lion" of the Jurassic

Lypleurodon - marine giant with large flippers

Coelusuchus - old reptile that lived in Antarctic rivers and forest ponds

BTW, what is this temperate Antarctic forest theory?  Is this a stretching
of the data to account for fossils found in cold regions?  Did dinosaurs
migrate with the seasons?


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