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Re: Thescelosaurus skin

Most exposed dead seagulls I've seen rot the flesh long before the
feathers rot off or fall off and blow away.

Perhaps the bald spot is just that- a moulting animal that had no
feathers at that spot at the time of impression.  

If there is no evidence of scutes or scales present it would suggest
that the skin type was similar enough to bird's unfeathered skin to be

-Betty Cunningham

"M. Nalasco" wrote:
> I checked the lists' archives, and no one's really discussed the old skin
> imprints that looked a bit like a plucked chicken. In light of this whole
> thing with the Thescelosaur heart and the possibility of warm-bloodedness,
> what does everyone think of feathering in small ornithopods? I never figured
> out how, if the skin was at one time feathered, it would loose them all so
> just the bare skin would fossilize.
> M. Nalasco
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