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Re: WWD - layman's view

>Lypleurodon - marine giant with large flippers

Actually, it's Liopleurodon.
>Coelusuchus - old reptile that lived in Antarctic rivers and forest ponds

Koolasuchus- amphibian, weighed half a ton. Evidence that this animal lived
in Australia comes from two 32-inch jaws found in Victoria, Australia. 
>BTW, what is this temperate Antarctic forest theory?  Is this a stretching
>of the data to account for fossils found in cold regions?  Did dinosaurs
>migrate with the seasons?

Well, I've got my handy WWD book here, so I looked up Chapter 5 on the
Antarctic. The book says that abundant coal deposits "full of fossilized
conifers and ferns" indicate the existence of forests. It shows a picture
of a pertrified 100-million-year-old tree at Curio Bay in New Zealand.

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