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Re: Air sacs in extant non-avian reptiles?

In a message dated 7/31/00 9:15:10 PM, ornstn@home.com writes:

<< Mr Lurio seems to be under the impression that taxonomic categories 
as awards of merit rather than scientific descriptors.  Birds are still 
wonderful even if they are reduced to subfamilial status within the 
Oviraptoridae (say), and they are monophyletic.  How could rating Aves at 
below the Class level change that?  Are primatologists any less interested 
in primates because they "only" comprise an order? >>

The people here tend to forget why the linnean system worked so well in the 
first place. The classes were soooooo different from each other that had to 
be seperated.
You're really that thick, aren't you....

eric l.