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Quoting private e-mail (Re: bipedal locomotion)

Dear list members:

I am guilty of quoting Patrick Norton's private e-mail message to me recently on
this list a couple of days ago, and this action on my part upset Patrick very,
very much.  I know that what I did was a big mistake and I hope that I never do
such a thing again.  I am terribly sorry about the whole thing and I sincerely
wish I had never done it.  I strongly advise other members on this list to avoid
publicly quoting private e-mails unless you have the author's explicit 
to do so.  Nothing is worth the hard feelings caused by such a breach.
Confidentiality between private e-mail correspondents is essential for keeping
the lines of communication open in this forum.  I do not wish to upset my
colleagues on this list.  I apologize, Patrick Norton.

Thank you for your time,

-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com