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thanks Mike (was "muddying")

I already include _Tribosphenomys_ in Rodentiformes, so you needn't worry about that one. The typified name "Muriformes" is not needed, and would be much less acceptable to most people. Just because the ornithologists made the mistake of mandating typification, doesn't mean we have to make the same mistake.
And if I do decide to recognize a single Order Dinosauriformes, it will probably be equivalent to that more inclusive taxon. I already tentatively include Pseudolagosuchus as a dinosaur anyway, so I would only have to add Marasuchus and any close relatives.
So in a way, others have already done some of my emendation for me. I'm so glad you brought up those two examples for me.
Thanks, Ken Kinman
And furthermore, if he did decide to make Dinosauria an order,
Dinosauriformes is already the name of a more inclusive taxon.

Rodentiformes is also a previously used name, for the clade including
_Tribosphenomys_ and Rodentia.

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