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Re: first message

--- Ray Stanford <dinotracker@earthlink.net> wrote:

>     [Tony's quote of the web article] "A fine fossil
> is a freak of nature.
> The dead animal first must avoid
> scavengers, floods and other scattering forces..."
>     I shall not belabor the fact, but dead animals
> "avoid" nothing! :)  That
> is just careless writing.

Criminy.  Is it really necessary to point this out? 
This is Tony's first post to the list.  What a nice
friendly place this has become.  

(I'll point out that excessive use of exclamation
points and all-uppercase words demonstrates careless
writing as well.)

Non-cladistic though this fellow's question may be, I
hope it will not be pointedly ignored like so many
coming from non-pros seem to be these days.

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