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Re: Acrocanthosaurus specimens

John Schneiderman wrote...

>Does anyone know of the "Acrocanthosaurus" skeleton that was being
>excavated in part by Dr. Carl Baugh back in 1984, somewhere in
>[?Texas] ?  The web site indicated that some 60 bones were removed.
>The location of the Acrocanthosaurus NCSM 14345 according to (Currie &
>Carpenter, 2000) was known (Weatherford, Texas) at least 40 years earlier.
>Is this skeleton and the one Baugh was working on, the same? [snip]

The tragi-comic _Acrocanthosaurus_ story can be found in the mailing list
archives at:


    When you read about what happened to that specimen during excavation, it
will become clear that it isn't the same one described by Carpenter and
Currie.  Additional information on the infamous "Dr."  Baugh may be found at
Glen Kuban's web site:


    This thread shouldn't wander too far in "Dr." Baugh's direction, keeping
in mind the list policy on creationism, but I am curious where he got that
spinning Pangea gif...

LN Jeff

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