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Mexico City and SVP auction

Hey gang - I would like to encourage those who can to attend
the annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
(October 25-28) in Mexico City. Should be a great time and
probably a bit smaller than the meetings have been recently
(although would prefer as many to attend as possible). This
means everyone should have more of a chance to talk with
people they would not normally get to talk with - which
should be fun. The Mexican contingent (and associates) have
been working hard and I'm sure it will be a wonderful time.
For information please see the SVP web site: 


for further details.

I would especially like to put in a call for donations for
the annual SVP auction, which benefits the Bryan Patterson
fund/award which benefits student field work - and we know
students do wonderful things in the field (they have those
young knees). I know of one item I'm bringing:

a rare copy of the book "Behold the Mighty Dinosaur" a 1981
compilation of dinosaur-related short stories (fiction)
edited by David Jablonski - he of old snails - and with a
long forward by The Jim Farlow - he of footprints and meat
eating dinos - and many really classic stories by the great
writers like Bradbury and Aldiss. Since Jablonski is here
for a while, I forced him at gunpoint down to my office and
made him sign it. He couldn't believe I even knew about it
and was embarassed I was going to auction it off - so let's
embarrass him by sepnding lots of money on it!. I love the
book and have my own copy as well. A real collectors item.

Anyway, items would certainly be appreciated for the
auction, including books and reprints, t-shirts,  casts and
artwork  and other stuff vertpaleo-ish.  I would especially
enjoy seeing more small artwork - tough to get big bucks for
finished pieces of art but sketches and prelims and smaller
pieces would make cherished items for budding (and old
fogey) paleo types. We hope for lots of wonderful stuff and
to help get more students into the field.

Anyway, think if you will about the meeting and the auction
and, if you have items, please contact me off list and we
arrange to get them to Mexico, hopefully with you.

Ralph Chapman

Ralph E. Chapman
Applied Morphometrics Laboratory
National Museum of Natural history
ADP, EG-15  NHB, 10th & Constitution, NW
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC 20560-0136
(202) 786-2293, Fax: (202) 357-4122