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Stegosaurus Defense

Hi Everyone,

I just want to first thank everyone who responded to my question
concerning Tarbosaurus. I recieved more answers than I could have
imagined. You are all great people. Anyway, here's the question: I was
recently reading a book that states that Stegosaurus' tail spikes was an
extremely useful and often deadly line of defense for an animal that was
otherwise defenseless. However, considering that Stegosaurus' tail was
quite short, the attacker must have gotten uncomfortably close to the
Stegosaur before the Stegosaur could have accurately aimed an accurate
swing, and in the meantime the attacker could have taken a fatal
bite(especially if the attacker was a multi-ton Allosaur). This does not
seem like a great line of defense, and yet Stegosaurus and its relatives
flourished in the late Jurassic period across an enormous area. Does
anyone have any additional views on this subject?

Any Help Appreciated,