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Re: Mystery: Who was John Moore?

dinoland@lycos.com wrote:

> >>The museums, of course, were nice, but the biggest surprise of the trip
> >occurred in Woodstock, Vermont.  There I was browsing in an antique
> >bookstore when I came across a small book written by Henry Fairfield 
> >The title is "Evolution and Religion" and it was published by Charles
> >Scribner's of New York in 1923.  The book basically is H.F. Osborn's 1923
> >rebuttal to a William Jennings Bryan editorial in the NY Times, only
> >reprinted in book form.
> >>
> >>My question is this:  When I opened up the book I was astonished to see
> >Osborn's name plate from the American Museum in New York.  On this name
> >plate these words were written by Osborn "To John Moore with a Merry
> >Christmas."

Steve, did you buy the book?  What was the asking price?  This would make a 
wonderful SVP auction item.