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Re: Phylogeny vs. taxonomy, and the Fightin' Dinos exhibit at AMNH (was RE: Rock'n'roll !)

Tracy wrote:

>Suggested exchange for admission to the museum is a misnomer. If your [sic]
not going to see someone or visit the library or do research, just try and
walk into the museum without paying anything. Won't happen at the AMNH, I

I have a great deal of respect for Tracy, but I hope he's mistaken on this
one.  In the 25 years I've been visiting the AMNH, it's been my experience
that >any< monetary donation (in 1965, I gave them 5 cents to see the
dinosaurs) is sufficient to gain admission.  To be fair, I've never tried to
enter without paying anything, so I can't speak specifically to the
situation Tracy suggests. But in each of the many times I've entered the
musem I've always made some monetary donation in the hope that it covered
not only my own costs but also covered some percent of the cost of others
who can't pay.  As a member and frequent visitor to the AMNH, I find it very
hard to believe that a person would be denied admission >only< because they
had no money.