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Re: Admission to AMNH

--- "Jane P. Davidson" <jdhexen@unr.edu> wrote:

> I think there is a law in New York City about
> admissions to museums.

Heh heh.  Many NYC museums have the standard hefty,
required admission fee.

> They
> used to have a sign at the Metropolitan Museum of
> Art which read
> "admission is free, but you must pay something." 
> Honest folks.  I have
> mused over that sign many many times.

They have one at the AMNH too.  Undoubtedly because
they are the beneficiary of some sort of hefty trust
(or multiple trusts) set up by a rich person which
requires that the museum serve the public by allowing
easy access.  So poor people can bring the kids and
pay a penny.  Or the people who raised the funds for
the museum may have required that it be in the charter
(or other constituting document).

> Anyway, they
> also have a
> "suggested" entry price which one feels intimidated
> to pay.  

Of course, the museum will downplay their public
service charge and will sell the "suggested" entrance
fee, which is fairly high.  

I go back and forth on it.  On the one hand, it is a
worthy entity.  On the other hand, they rent the joint
out to big corporations for parties so that
self-consciously crass yuppies can get drunk under the
_Barosaurus_ shouting that you should "do the numbers"
and that it's a "no-brainer."  (Come to life,
Allosaurus, come to life!)

I resolve the dilemma by joining, so I get the
magazine and guilt-free free admission.


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the emotionality of death penalty cases."
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