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Re: Aves and Mononykus

Dan Bensen wrote-

> Also.  There were alvarezsaurids in South America, right?  Were there any
> ornithomimes there?

Alvarezsaurus calvoi, Patagonykus puertai and an unnamed form more basal
than Alvarezsaurus and mononykines (and therefore presumedly Patagonykus as
well) lived in Argentina.  A proximal humerus from an ornithomimid was
discovered in Argentina as well:

undescribed Ornithomimosaurian (Novas, Cladera and Puerta 1996)
Turonian-Coniacian, LC
Rio Neuquen Formation, Argentina
material- proximal humerus
description- ball-shaped articular head, shallow deltopectoral crest
reference- Novas, Cladera and Puerta, 1996. New theropods from the Late
Cretacoues of Patagonia. JVP 16(3) 56A

Mickey Mortimer