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Re: Aves and Mononykus

Ken Kinman wrote-

>      I would like to move on to a discussion of whether Alvarezsaurians
> (incl. Mononykus) belongs in Aves (Chiappe's view) or not (Sereno's view).
> I am completely undecided, but I suspect Sereno is probably correct.

My latest analysis (44 taxa, 295 characters, CI .3774), which now includes
Nomingia, Santanaraptor and Nqwebasaurus, finds alvarezsaurids to be the
sister group to Avimimus, troodontids and Protarchaeopteryx successively.
This clade is in turn the sister taxon to Aves, Rahonavis, Unenlagia,
Sinornithosaurus and Bambiraptor.  True dromaeosaurids (Dromaeosaurus,
Deinonychus, Velociraptor and Achillobator) are further down.  Chatterjee
(1999) also found Mononykus to be the sister group of Avimimus.

Mickey Mortimer